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Re: should you smoke marijuana on your aikido journey

Alfonso Adriasola wrote: View Post
Hi Matt, to be fair that study really states that schizos do better with weed than without; it jumps to the conclusion that ergo people go schizo in a really strange from the science but understandable from the politics. 26 people study all schizophrenic is really no go way to make a claim like that.

That said, I have / do smoke and it has absolutely nothing to do with Aikido. IMHO so NO. Dumb question in my mind. Can you do aikido when you're not sober? Yeah, I've seen that in all forms. So just cause you can doesnt mean much.

And I'm drinking a beer right now
Hi Alfonso,
Thanks for the info!
I must have misread it but I thought it stated that some of the schizophrenics in the case (the ones with a history of marijuana) displayed differences that suggested it was induced through the repeated use; that the mechanisms involved are similar and that the repeated use probably increase susceptibility. I do recall a meta analysis (i.e. an article about it) which suggested that this only applies to a small percentage of people...I want to say something on the order of 1 in 50,000; so if this were my home town of Everett (population of approx 100,000 people) only about 2 people would have a risk.
I wasn't aware it only involved 26 people though. If that's it, I'm not sure how they could infer much...then again there must be more studies in that vein if someone was able to do a meta analysis. Clearly I'll have to read up on it in more detail.
Take care,

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