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Re: Spiritual and i/p

Henry Ellis wrote: View Post
Personally I don't believe anyone should ask for a thread to be closed because they don't like it, or the poster. If I have no interest in a thread, I simply ignore it.

I think the message from Mark Murry number 330 said much of what I was thinking.

Although Graham has said something to the effect he is doing his own thing. I also had concerns that Graham may claim that what he is doing in the name of Aikido originated from the `Hut Dojo` and Noro Sensei. As I posted earlier, Mr Muspratt may have attended a course with Noro Sensei and may have visited the Hut Dojo on a couple of occasions does not qualify him as a student of either.
In my earlier post I should have added that Haydn Foster Sensei only made two or three journeys to Watford on his pop pop moped which he described as a `killer`. I don't remember his saying the dojo was a garage :-)
I also think it is unfair to give Mr Muspratt grief when it is Graham who is making the claims in his name.

Henry Ellis
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To me, the issue has nothing to do with whether or not the thread is liked or not. I think that the larger issue is that a thread runs it's course when the majority of the posts veer off topic and fall-back to irrelevant issues (as it relates to the thread). I too agree with Mark Murray. Then again, his post was not about the topic, but about the poster, which once again begs the question as to why the thread should remain open when it always devolves back to the old broken record.

You are absolutely correct in having the focus squarely on Graham and not on his teacher. We have absolutely no idea as to what Mr. Muspratt would say, in regards to his own history, abilities and in regards to his students. We are simply left with Graham being Graham. This ends up being a continuous pattern of Graham making substantially unsupported claims in regards to a variety of topics. When confronted, he veers away, avoids, changes topics, says people don't understand, says you have to meet him and won't meet certain people, etc..... When this frequently occurring "train wreck" occurs, the thread should simply be closed. I would add that Phi's contributions ALWAYS add an element of humor to the ongoing "Greek tragedy".


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