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Re: Spiritual and i/p

Personally I don't believe anyone should ask for a thread to be closed because they don't like it, or the poster. If I have no interest in a thread, I simply ignore it.

I think the message from Mark Murry number 330 said much of what I was thinking.

Although Graham has said something to the effect he is doing his own thing. I also had concerns that Graham may claim that what he is doing in the name of Aikido originated from the `Hut Dojo` and Noro Sensei. As I posted earlier, Mr Muspratt may have attended a course with Noro Sensei and may have visited the Hut Dojo on a couple of occasions does not qualify him as a student of either.
In my earlier post I should have added that Haydn Foster Sensei only made two or three journeys to Watford on his pop pop moped which he described as a `killer`. I don't remember his saying the dojo was a garage :-)
I also think it is unfair to give Mr Muspratt grief when it is Graham who is making the claims in his name.

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