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Re: a question for aikidoiain

Lie Iain, I had a situation with a knife wielder after only a few months of aikido training-
As you all know I'd rather be fishing, if time and weather permit-even willing to make exceptions there..
Anyway, back in August I was on a night Bluefishing trip.
A fellow got on board and started drinking heavily and he had killed a 1/2 pint of cognac, before the boat left the dock.. I expected to see him hurling (his stomach contents) over the rail ,or passing out- alas, such was not the case.
Soon he was going passive / agressive, and talking to himself. When our lines tangled for the third time, he lost it, and pulled his filet knife on me and thrust toward my gut.!
My mind went into overdrive, and I recalled, that over the last 2 weeks at the dojo, we had been learning sumi otoshi, (I know, spelled wrong), it was either that or kotegaeshi-I stepped inside and next thing he was against the rail, the knife was on the deck, and he was screaming...(funny thing , as I executed the technique, part of my mind was thinking how my sensai would critique my technique- "No, your feet are all wrong..")
Anyway, the technique worked, and like Iain, can testify to the power of Aikido.
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