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I understand.
I think it might be a step forward. I am a very reasonable person. To be frank, I found it almost impossible to talk to you about certain issues-not because of a difference of opinion, they happen here all the time, but rather of certain inconsistencies in your argument, and when you joined in with Tony with the insults and sarcasm, I wrote you off.
I stridently disagree with you on some things, but I have wondered what you might think with exposure to greater material, and maybe even eventually a meeting.
What do I do and where do I go Graham? I am with Aikido teachers in their dojos all over and it almost always turns out very well.
Hey, at least know this, it's a sincere offer. I gain nothing from it. I honestly think you need to research a bit more to see what many of us are talking about and where Ueshiba's ideas came from. Not the least of which will be you seeing where many of his doka come from Chinese material. No one would be more delighted than I to be able to have more informed discussions later. Many of us have formed different views on things and we agree/ disagree on issues. At the very least, while it might not change your views I think you will at least have much a more informed view and solidify why you think that way.
To add a touch of humor, I am either arming the enemy or making a truce. I bet on the later. I know from experience both here and in person that it is always better to think the best and try to extend a hand...even when it has been bitten off in the past, I usually manage to build a bridge in person.


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