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Re: Reasonable weight for suburito?

Something I realized I left out when reading about "slack".

I was trained to start slowly with the cuts with the suburito. First and foremost we focus on form. And when when actually swinging it there is the aftermath of the cut as well.

Say you end the cut with the bokken/suburito/shinken parallel to the floor. It shouldn't bobble. It shouldn't "bounce" at the termination of the cut -- it should simply be there. You don't "stop" the cutting motion with muscle "stopping" it. You simply stop in place. This again relates to getting the slack out to allow complete control of the weapon at all times. There should be nothing else you do to stop a cut other than stop cutting. No rebound. And with a heavier weapon it is quite obvious when you don't do it "right" when training in this manner.

Please keep in mind I'm focusing on the suburito training (as tanren) as I was shown for developing a proper body awareness and form for the sword. I'm sure there are other approaches and YMMV.

Quick addition. Over time doing this I've found that stopping a suburito cut "properly" in this context is felt throughout your body. It's not like you're being pulled over or moved by the suburito. It's like you have two lengths of connection, one for one way, the other for the other. Both connect to the center. One day I explained to someone that it is kind of like driving a car with one foot on the gas, the other on the brake. You don't pull your foot off the gas then slam on the break. Since both feet are there one pulls away simultaneously with the other goes forward. So there's not transition per se, just a smooth stop in place.

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