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Yeah, I practice with him on Fridays whenever I can get over to Chester. Actually, Ryusuikan dojo (in Chester) and Genbukan (in Macclesfield) have very close links, us and a few other NW England dojos. A number of our students practice at each others' dojos, and sometimes (like last night, in fact) Steve comes over and takes a class here in Macclesfield. (Btw, just realised it might seem disrespectful to just call him "Steve", but a) I consider him a friend and b) he hates to be called "sensei" or "Parr Sensei" etc off the mat).

I find he has a brilliant way of explaining things very simply; he's also one of the best teachers I've seen for explaining things to complete newcomers to Aikido.

But now we're wandering off topic... never mind

Btw, if you feel like getting back in touch with Steve, his dojo's website is (Or if you PM me, I can drop you his mob number if you prefer)

[edit]Actually, his home number is on the website, so I guess you can just use that, unless you specifically wanted to txt him or something[/edit]

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