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Re: Are you invincible if you possess Aiki?

So we come full circle back to the beginning with virtually no change.
I think Budd sums it up perfectly

"And there are also legitimate reasons why it's not of interest to pursue. Folks looking to "belong" to their group may not want to be outsiders if the material is beyond the scope of comfort. Others may legitimately see faster routes to being more effective by the metrics they measure such things.

When I do check in, I'm pretty interested in where the polarized approaches come from (It's GREAT vs. I don't NEED it vs. I'm ALREADY DOING it) and I've kinda determined that so many other things beyond the clinical analysis of what's going on get attached (belief systems, community, compulsions, self-esteem etc.) that it's almost better that it remain its own thing outside the so-called mainstream. The seekers can get access to more and more information as well as people training this stuff so they can make hopefully more informed determinations - as well as demystifying some of "this stuff" so that the information is decoupled from preconceived notions of superiority, ingroup/outgroup, yadda yadda"

Especially the yadda yadda part. ;-)

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