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Re: Martial Arts Instructors Should Learn To Teach

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I agree with you, Matthew. People have to teach in a way that fits them and their students. My husband and I both teach and we have very different styles. (He teaches math, and I teach literature, creative writing, and aikido.) If I tried to teach like he does (very structured, step-by-step, consistent lessons), I would fall down laughing at myself, plus bore myself silly. And he wouldn't even attempt to teach like I do (all over the place, reliant on "feeling" where the class is and what they need in order to get to where I want them to be, also reliant on building a supportive community where people can trust and take risks.)

Being in charge of a class can (and should) build awareness.
I'm not trying to suggest that there is only one way to teach. What I'm trying to say (and clearly not doing a good job of it) is that there are some fundamental principles of teaching and learning that we should be applying in the classroom regardless of our particular style. Kind of like there are fundamental principles that make practice aikido, regardless of whether we are doing Aikikai, Yoshinkan, Ki Society or some other branch of the aikido tree.

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