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Re: Martial Arts Instructors Should Learn To Teach

To add to what Jon has said (which makes sense to me), I've observed that some people can't learn from some people. That's why they call tandem canoes "divorce boats", and why we always advised parents not to try and teach their children how to ski, even if they themselves were good skiers or even good ski coaches.

I put more burden on the student than on the instructor. That's not to say that an instructor should be able to stand up in front of a group of people and spout a lot of mystical cliches and get a free pass, or that an instructor can't become more effective, but they can only go so far. Learning is not a passive thing; students can't sit back expecting to be spoon-fed and blaming sensei when things don't click for them. I just got back from Birankai summer camp, and several senseis said the same thing: it's on you, the student, to steal from me, to actively work at getting as much as you can out of this. One sensei and fifty students, a hundred students, can it be any other way?
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