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Re: Training Thoughts?

John Powell wrote: View Post
If you know what's coming you can always defeat it. If you are trying to do a technique, and the person "thinks" that the way you are doing it isn't "right," no problem, do it the way they are showing you.

This is pretty drastic, but later on, when that same person doesn't know which technique you are going to use to defend, just apply the one you think should work. Understand though, the actual techniques are movement based, and you may be performing a variation (no problem either if you are aware of it) rather than the pure kata technique which may have things to teach you of which you are as yet unaware.

"Getting it to work" isn't the goal, imo...
Dear John,
Surely the object of training is to make it work?If you think otherwise why waste your time doing waza which may or may not work?Do you just shrug your shoulders on a failed waza and say to yourself 'Try , try again and maybe I will succeed next time out'? If my waza does not work , I get
pretty miffed at myself.Cheers, Joe.
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