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Re: Cross training Tomiki aiki with judo

After I got my Shodan at shodokan Honbu I joined a local Judo club for much the same reasons you gave. Actually ended up taking Shodan in Judo in a city wide grading competition about 5 months later but that certainly was not the intent when I started. I think that if you are trained well in Shodokan the transition is not that difficult but I also believe that you should at least get through the kyu grades in Shodokan. I qualify that last bit with how many times a week you can practice Aikido - if its only available once or twice a week start on Judo now - at the very least its a great workout. In Japan early training in Judo is heavy on randori, light on kata - which is the opposite of Shdokan Aikido early training. I think they complement each other nicely in so many ways.

Peter Rehse Shodokan Aikido
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