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Cross training Tomiki aiki with judo


I've been doing Tomiki aikido for around 15 months and really love it. My sensei is a former judo yudansha and speaks very fondly of his judo days (he's been doing aiki for 40 years!). He sometimes sticks some judo waza into the training in order to mix it up a bit.

I intend on join a local judo club in order to extend my repertoire of experience and techniques (obviously Tomiki aikido is a lot closer to judo than traditional styles, in that Tomiki was an 8th dan judoka, we pracrtise randori and there is competition within Tomiki aikido.

I'd be really interested to hear from anybody who has practised aikido and judo at the same time: good stuff, bad stuff, whatever....

Thanks in anticipation.
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