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Re: Is Hombu Dojo banning Weapons in Aikido?

William Hazen wrote: View Post
We ( In the States and Europe) keep hearing this is happening in Japan...

William Hazen
it's ok, really! for the folks in Japan, that is. me, on the other hand, whichever the one that's not holding the weapon at the moment (oh wait! none, i got weapons on both hands!), a firm believer in peace and harmony through superior fire power!
all kidding aside, i need to find another large weapon bag, since the large one i got from bujin is running out of room. one cannot have enough weapons. you need a different set for each season, a set for going to seminar, a set for special occasion, a set to go with my blue hakama and one to go with the black. you know, i have never understand why women have so many shoes.
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