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Joshua Reyer wrote:
Mine (Koujien) says:


That seems to imply to me a somewhat imprecise translation. Particularly in that it seems quite paradoxical that "Hidden Techniques" should be openly published in a commercially available book.
I went to my denshi jisho and came up with the same definition. To translate Joshua's definition of ougi, "The Arts/Martial Arts deepest and most important matters. <gokui>"

And for gokui, "The heart of the matter. Especially for scholarship and the Arts. <oku no te>"

This is where it gets interesting. <oku no te> in Kanji is "奥の手". There are 3 definitions:
1) Left hand
2) ougi/ secret (as in my previous posting)/gokui
3) Something not easily let known to other people in technique/conspiracy

To quote from Angry White Pyjamas (an entertaining and interesting book) (page 223), "... and I saw Chida do ogi, secret techniques for the first time in a demonstration. He ordered two assistants to hoist him into the air, each assistant firmly holding one arm so that Chida was apparently helpless, two or three feet off the ground."

Now, I wonder why Mr Twigger translated ogi as 'secret techniques' - was it to get readers' attention? Maybe that's why it was translated as 'Hidden Techniques' in Total Aikido... although it might be good to ask a Japanese martial arts practitioner, what he thinks about when he sees or hears the word ogi <奥儀>

It also struck me that the demonstration described above is similar to what Tohei Sensei shows when he demonstrates ki - except that the ukes cannot lift him off the ground. I wonder whether Shioda Kancho and Tohei Sensei saw something similar in their training together... Hmmm...
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