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Re: Ogi

Joshua Reyer wrote:
IIRC, Ueshiba Morihei's inscription to Akazawa Zenzaburo's father's copy of Budo was 奥義の・- "Ogi no koto" (roughly, "About the Ogi").

Ogi, in and of itself doesn't mean "hidden" or "secret". Indeed, that's why Daito-ryu's densho refer to hiden ogi, with hiden "・` carrying the meaning of "secret".
Yes, there is a lengthy explanation on pp.21-23 of Stanley Pranin's edition of Budo, together with a copy of the inside back cover of Mitsunosuke Akazawa's copy.

On Page 40 of the Budo manual are douka entitled Budo Ogi (Ka). The first one is about SEI (makoto) being the key to realising the oneness of KEN 顕 and YU 幽.

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