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Re: How many practice Rokkyo?

David Valadez wrote:
Well maybe we should say that it is extremely unlikely that one would be able to pull off Rokkyo in many of the ways that it is practiced in a lot of places - such as when it is done as a Kihon Waza or Shu level training - outside of controlled environments.
Maybe I have to see how Rokkyo differs from what I am envisioning it looking like. I haven't seen it practiced in any other school other than mine, and a Miyama Ryu Jiujitsu school I attended.

I guess it all depends on the way the attacker attacks. It's probably easier to get against pushing type grabs etc. I would think that if you didn't interupt uke's balance, it would be very hard to pull off.

anyone know some good video links?
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