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Cady Goldfield wrote: View Post
Janet had awarded it to me, moments earlier, as part of the festivities, and I guess when we went to do our little chorus-line photo op, there was no nearby table to put the Budo Goose down for a moment, and so it kind of found a temporary resting place.
Aha! From the awards ceremony: "he "My Goose Is Cooked--NOT, Watermelon of Death" Lifetime Achievement Award for high kickin', high spirits, and hi, there, Cady, this one's for you..."
I believe it was in honor of your front yard guard geese!

At least you got something to take home... (sniffle, pout)... nobody actually brought me (or shpritzed me with)
"The "Groucho Marx Seltzer Bottle Award For Excrutiating Punning" goes to that indomitable Dominatrix of Drollery, Mistress of Mischief, Vixen of Verbiage, Janet "What's the punchline?" Rosen."

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