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Originally posted by andrew

Over here everybody uses pretty much option b that I've seen. Does it make a huge difference to nage? (Assuming you don't catch one on the nose....)
I would say so. There are many more things you can do with a stiff horizontal punch launched from the side, elbow sideways (Karate), then with a fast vertical punch launched from the front, elbow down (Wing Chun). The only reason I've ever heard of someone favoring the former over the latter, is the belief that the latter is not powerful enough.


In response to (censored), that'd be why you wouldn't punch the jaw. No problem with a single knuckle if you can do it well- properly to the proper point.
...if they aren't moving whilst you are hitting them? What if you miss the soft spot by half an inch? What if they shift and torque your finger while absorbing the punch? What do I get for risking my finger?
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