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Re: kata for ashi sabaki

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However, I am not sure what point you are making here
As you mentioned, these shihan never wrote anything or made tapes... what I was trying to say is that even though we could not experience them firsthand, I was wondering how different it is when we learn from their students. I would hope that some of their style and insight would be transmitted via their students... otherwise it's a real loss that their understanding, after so many years of devoted training, doesn't get passed down to the next generation of Aikido students...

Unfortunately, I can't tell how much of their teaching is a direct transmission of their Sensei's style... I have met some people who trained under Yamaguchi Sensei and are now training at Yasuno Sensei's class... just wished I could have asked them how different the two Shihan's Aikido are...

Just my humble thoughts...
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