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Re: kata for ashi sabaki

Peter A Goldsbury wrote: View Post
Try his website at, where you have the choice of Italian or Japanese.

Footwork is actually a crucial aspect of the aikido of all these three shihans, but Tada Sensei appears to be the only one who has attempted to teach it systematically and this is a relatively recent happening. I have mixed feeling about his teaching method.
Dear Professor Goldsbury,

Sorry for the late reply, but I've had difficulty accessing the website over the past 2 weeks (thanks Jun)

I tried Tada Sensei's website at, and found the following:


①送足 ②継足 ③継足大 ④送足で他線に移動 ⑤他線に片足を進め継足移動 ⑥継足で他線に移動 ⑦ 他線に片足を進め継足大で移動 ⑧半身の切換
⑨転換 イその場で ロ送足転換 ハ継足転換 ニ後足を軸とする後転換
⑩回転、45度から270度まで ⑪歩足 ⑫半身より七通りの移動

ashi sabaki keiko

(1) okuri ashi (2) tsugi ashi (3) large tsugi ashi (4) moving to another line via okuri ashi (5) continuing to another line with feet in line, moving in tsugi ashi (6) moving to another line via tsugi ashi (7) continuing to another line with feet in line, moving in large tsugi ashi (8) sekkan (?) hanmi (not sure what this is)

(9) tenkan (i) on the spot (ii) okuri ashi tenkan (iii) tsugi ashi tenkan (iv) doing ushiro tenkan with the back leg as the axis

(10) tenkan (i) 45 degree to 270 degree

(11) ayumi ashi

(12) moving in 7 ways from hanmi

I think I understand most of the descriptions, although I remember we came back to the same spot... which is not possible if we keep on doing okuri ashi or tsugi ashi... I guess we must have reversed the foot movement... not sure what sekkan or 7 ways from hanmi is though...

May I ask why you have mixed feelings about his teaching method?

Thanks very much
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