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Re: Corporate aikido?

This is something that is very easily disseminated within Japan for Japan has a culture of clubs with the educational system not to mention the "o keiko goto" system. These clubs are mandatory. You have to belong to at least one club. They then took this same system and implemented it into the corporate world for everyone is already use to it. Corporate leagues are big business in Japan. They go after stellar athletes just so that they can win the corporate leagues. This is used as a recruiting tool. These factors don't exist in the US and I will assume other countries outside of Japan as well so trying to get a dojo started in a corporation ain't going to happen in my opinion. There is a guy here in the DC area that is a multi-millionaire and CEO of a big company yet he doesn't have a dojo in his company. Instead he has a private piece of land in which he built his own private dojo.
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