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Re: "IP/IT/IS" vs technique?

Vectors in Aikido A lot of what I would write has been covered by the last few posters. This article is from 2005, and based on work I started in the 1990's. The commentary (on the page it is posted) reads:
This is a copy of the "Sword and Spirit" Newsletter of November, 2005. Robert Wolfe presents an excellent description of my method of training aikido to lay proper groundwork for the study of striking methodology, free-style practice, counter-techniques and the inclusion of internal training methods. I will note that the physical organization presented in the photographs is not exactly congruent with how I recommend these solo training exercises should be executed, but it still remains an accurate compendium of the basic set of "taikyoku aikido.
Budd Yuhasz and I have immeasurably developed this since. If one defines technique as a "put your left foot 57% angle from . . .", but that's not technique. That's like taking apart a Rolex and walking around with one of the gears. A better word is waza, which is kata, distilled in a single movement. And kata is never one thing. And to his dying day, Ueshiba was doing waza (technique). Takemusu aiki was merely his freedom in applying it.

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