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Re: Styles of Aikido - which is right for me?

Philip Zeplin-Frederiksen wrote: View Post
Hello everyone!

I'd prefer the one that is more "practical" in nature
This response does not answer your question, but questions your question. It addresses your assumption that it is the style that makes it more or less "practical" and I would suggest that it isn't even the teacher.

It's essentially you.

"...Aikido can't be "used" on anyone but yourself. It is a training method, or way, to learn the power of harmonious action. Boxers don't "use" a jump rope in the ring, that doesn't mean that jumping rope is not an effective way to train. These skills can then be taken into life to apply as desired. The best real-life Aikido "street stories" are, to me, when nothing happened."

The above is from an article in the USAF newsletter entitled Aikido for Recovering Engineers
The full article is here:

I also suggest that you somehow archive your question and your follow up responses and review them in the future after 10 years of training. You might find them quite interesting.