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Re: Styles of Aikido - which is right for me?

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You won´t get anyone to say publicly which style is better than the other, and you will never reach a point where people will agree on this.. so why bother asking this question ?
I think there are two reasons why people won't say publicly which style is better:
  1. It's a bit like talking about which kitchen implement is better. Better for what -- peeling potatoes or frying eggs? OK, so you've said you're interested in "combat" -- but assuming that you actually find yourself in "combat" situations (and that's a big and probably erroneous assumption unless you're in the military, and even then it's unlikely for most), you still haven't clarified who's attacking you, using what weapons, with what skills, with what objectives, and what you want to do about it. If you walk into a kitchen store and say, "I want the best gadget you got!", don't expect to do anything but annoy people and disappoint yourself.
  2. Any valid generalization about which style is "better for combat" (once "combat" is defined) has a good chance of being INvalid when you compare two actual dojos. It's an abstraction, and if you want to have an abstract discussion, well and good. If you want to find a place to train, it's not particularly helpful and can lead you in the wrong direction.
I don't get the reluctance to just take the original advice. If you use style as an arbitrary filter, sure, it will narrow down the number of schools you have to visit, but is that really necessary? Picking a school is a big deal -- if you're unwilling to spend the time to visit all the schools you might train at, maybe you should reconsider the whole endeavor.