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Re: Sensei Steven Seagal's ?

Diana Frese wrote: View Post
Sorry, Graham, my computer still isn't bringing up You tube. But it seems like a good thing to follow your advice.

About Yamada Sensei as an uchideshi, according to the history, Arikawa Sensei threw Yamada Sensei's clothes out the window because it was his space. But he became a good senpai to both Yamada Sensei and Kanai Sensei, who later invited him to seminars and summer camps.

Yamada Sensei's biography is available on the website his European students made for him, and I think there is a link to it thru the NYAikikai website.

In the 1980's people asked about the Aikido in the movies. I answered it looked like really good Aikido technique to me. The broken arms and stuff were because, in the movie, the villians had killed the hero's family members. It was classical Aikido in a law enforcement setting, with whatever added that was necessary...
Anyway, we liked watching the movies, and it did get more of the general public interested in finding out about Aikido...

Just some memories from the eighties....

from someone pushing seventy, as one of my former students just reminded me I am, on the phone about an hour ago.
Hi Diana.
Yes, to fill you in on the post ie: youtube, it was an old series that used to be on when I was a kid about a man who was 'imprisoned' on an Island. He woke up to find he was in this strange place and on enquiring where he was he was told he was number six. Thus came about his answer as a saying that everyone used which was 'I am not a number, I am a free man!'

To take the significance off of these numbered titles. Again to show you can have a more balanced view, if you try.

On the respect side of things I agree with what you say. I love his movies, knowing they are entertainment. Yet they do give an insight to the public that there is a thing called Aikido. Thus he's done more for public awareness than most.

I bet he's attracted more people to the art than most as well.

In my opinion respect is due.

Why people in the art publicly put him down is beyond me. As usual things can only be weakened from within by negativity, that old saying 'The enemy lies within'

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