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Re: Aikido Aikibojitsu and the Structure of Natural Law

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I have an entire library of totally mediocre, in some cases poor, aikido and martial arts books. When you occasionally find one that actually has some content, and even content that is extremely difficult to wrap your mind around, I think we should do our best to support the effort, rather like supporting local small businesses rather than the big chains or trying to buy local produce to support small farmers.

There's a tremendous amount in the is book that I have a hard time wrapping my mind around... isn't that fantastic? A book that represents a real stretch? In the same way folks had a hard time understanding the Founder, this book is HUGE in its conception and it takes work to digest. It is also one of those books that you will be able to read each year forever and see something new each time. That makes it quite the bargain as books go.

I do not think that reading this book will make your Aikido better. (Practicing the stick work described probably would.) It will enlarge your conception of what our art offers... it's really staggering. It is so NOT an ordinary technique book. You don't speed read this book. If anyone read Ushiro Sensei's latest book, there's a lot of content like that... a paragraph that you simply stop and think about for a couple of days; stuff you aren't sure you understand what the author meant. I love stuff like this... it isn't easy but it's definitely worth reading if you are thoughtful about the art at all. The folks who think that Aikido is pretty much about fighting, and worry most about whether their Aikido can defeat an MMA practitioner should stay away for sure.
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