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Re: Aikido Aikibojitsu and the Structure of Natural Law

David Skaggs wrote: View Post
I learned electronics and radio communications in the Air Force. I also have an associate degree in electrical/electronic engineering technology and have designed and built antennas though nothing in the microwave range.

From my viewpoint the body is a signal generator, the arms are the transmissions lines and the staff is the antenna. It seems that you are trying to tune the system ( generator, tx lines, antenna or body, arms, staff) to the same frequency.
I think that the explanation of microwave waveguides is confusing as the vibrations talked about are no where near the frequencies of microwaves. Plus the frequency of the staff is a mechanical vibration not an electrical-magnetic vibration.

I am still trying to figure out what "attenuated activation" is. What are you attenuating and what are you activating?

How does this help my Aikido?

Any help?

David. From your viewpoint the staff is the antenna. From Sensei Reads viewpoint the staff is used 'as' a waveguide. So you would have to see it from that viewpoint to understand what he is saying.

He's not saying it IS a waveguide, he is saying it acts according to the principles of one.

I'm not saying treating it as an antenna is wrong as that may indeed lead to a different way of using it.

Anyway, therefore the energy put into it travels through it and as he says bounces off of it's walls as it travels and reflects back from the ends. So I suggest the 'vibrations' are more to do with feeling the movement of the energy in the staff.

The energy is put into it by the person holding it or using it. So I would think therefore that person is activating this movement of energy in the staff.

Now if you can therefore put a lot of energy into it causing this activation then surely you could reduce that as well no? Would that not be attenuated activation?

Especially if you think of holding the staff with someone pushing hard from one end. They would therefore be pushing a lot of energy into it.(activation) I'm sure with your experience you could adjust and move in such a way that either earths that force or disperses it and thus reduces it.

Now I may be completely wrong here, but that's my attempt at it.

If I add on all the other concepts he gives there to do with motion of the staff and then even to motion of the person with the staff it makes it all the more fascinating. Plus the fact that he is saying it is a matter of following Natural Laws which you need to understand, see, follow and apply. Interesting.

2cents. G.
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