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Hi Paul. I think we're talking cross purposes here. The thread started was a question of whether there were pins that didn't involve maintaining constant pressure. Mr. Seiser described something that I've happened to see demonstrated, and had a short (seminar-short) opportunity to practice.

Whether you should use a technique or not is beside the point. I think ideally you apply what is advantageous for yourself, and if you subscribe to Aikido philosophy as understood by the masses, restrain from killing , maiming or violating your opponent.. or if you do you do so lovingly

Techniques are a library, a toolset. Some are more exotic tools than others. If you're into competition sports you're probably looking at the most effective tools to win that competition, and in that case you may choose your own tools.

since I don't I'm just collecting tools for the sake of a hobbyist collecting them. I think there are some of these which could be called "self-retaining pins".

In any case given your advice I won't try that one on someone who isn't stunned enough to let me try..
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