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Confused Re: Like I said...

Originally posted by Bruce Baker
As I said, there are ways to tie one up into a pretzel ...

But then we wander into Jujitsu's forum, and away from Aikido.

So softly bringing someone to the ground and quickly tieing up someone in a pretzel so they can do no damage to themselves or others, is somehow not aikido?

but launching them over the hip in way that surely would make an unskilled uke land rough and hard in a way that would surely result in significant injury on pavement is ?
(you can also insert your favorite throw that causes uke to fly through the air and go splat)

Aikido contains jujutsu and philosophy within it. Aikido is not defined by someones particular jujutsu technical syllabus but by the purpose and mindset of nage.

Takemusu Aiki anyone ?

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