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chrisinbrasil wrote:
... I would be interested in your points of view...
Is one or the other more or less important, or should one be sought before the rest?

What do y´all think?
Forgive my ramblings but do tell...
the way of harmony with the universe..... this is my interpretation

I think that everything is the same....the universe, life,'s all the one thing, the only thing distinguishing one thing from another is our own minds, when we figure out or realise that we are the same as the rest of it, that is enlightenment.....

just thoughts I'm pondering

but for me aikido is one way of discovering things such as this due to it's amazing movements and centralisation....also a cool way to keep fit, be confident and enjoy life oh yeah and as a side for me....self defense hehe

happiness. harmony. compassion.
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