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Rob Watson
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Re: Pros and Cons of Video

I have found it very helpful to watch very good strikers on video in slow motion. By fiddling with the playback speed different things become evident in their movements-you will just have to try and see what you see.

When followed by live drills or training my partners motion also seems to be slowed, at least for a while. I think this is not a complete waste of time in actually training the ability to see and read movements and to even develop some predictive ability.

Sometime around 3rd kyu I certainly had developed an awareness and ability to predict movements/attacks but it was fleeting and still not quite good enough to exploit in a significant manner. After working on the slow mo playback I find I am more able to use the predictive abilities more effectively.

One must start somewhere before reaching the lofty heights of sen sen no sen but not many give detailed instructions and drills on exactly how to get there ...

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