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Re: 31 kata kumi jo - move 7&8

Peter A Goldsbury wrote: View Post
Hello Stefan,

Well, perhaps the users of AikiWeb are not 31 kumi-jo addicts. Have you compared the moves here with the relevant moves in the kumi-tachi sequence?
Hah, it appears not. Well, bonum est

In relation to your question I have put in all possible attacks with ken and jo and tried different approaches. Pretty simple with “standard” tsuki and uchi, but needs some adjustment in relation to the hasso gaeshi and katate series. I was just interested to hear if anybody had any idea what would be the “formal” attack from uchi no. 2 . I adore the 31-kata, so many possibilities. At the moment me and my buddies are having much interest and variety when playing around with the kumi jo/ken tai jo

Best regards, be well & stay safe

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