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Re: The use of weapons

David Soroko wrote: View Post
Don't know what weapons Shioda had but didn't Yamaguchi came from Kashima-shinryu background? It makes sense (no disrespect intended) that if a teachers taijitsu is shaped by Kashima-shinryu it would be difficult to graft any other weapons system onto a student's taijitsu. This applies both to your teacher and to you.
I understand that Shioda Sensei studied kendo at least partly with his father, but I don't know what exposure he had to other koryu, or even how much of O-Sensei's sword work he emulated.

Yamaguchi Sensei was famously eclectic, as far as weapons training went, and claimed he had no formal training at all. Where his style came from in aikido is a mystery to many as well, since his body movement is rather different from anyone else of his generation. He encouraged his direct students to study with Noguchi Sensei, who had some training at the Kashima Dojo, as he seems to have felt that there was an affinity with his aikido.

There are hints that both Yamaguchi and Shioda were influenced at least in part directly by Daito Ryu, in addition to training they had with O-Sensei - in fact there appears to be documentary evidence of the latter having close personal contact with one of Sokaku Takeda's other eminent students. That would make sense to me, as his aiki skills were very distinctive, and the more I find out about the Horikawa/Sagawa branch of Daito Ryu the more I recognise in both Yamaguchi's and Shioda's aikido.

David Soroko wrote: View Post
Metaphor is a super useful tool when tangible feedback is not available and it is great that this particular one advances your practice. I will take a tangible practice (of striking) over metaphor any day.
Perhaps "metaphor" wasn't the right choice of word. Visualisation? Riai?

David Soroko wrote: View Post
As I am getting dangerously close to "my martial art is better then your martial art" territory, so i'll step away from all this to ask - why do care what the founder did. I mean, Yamaguchi probably had minimal exposure to the founder as most early post war students in Tokyo and found his own way with taijitsu and weapons.
No comment ...

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