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Question Teaching injured or elderly students? Is Aikido for everyone?

Since our instructor passed away we do have a new chief instructor and I still assist with teaching the basics to new students but I lack the medical background that our past Sensei had. I am having problems mainly with teaching injured and elderly students that are new to Aikido.

What I really need to know is what kind of injuries should I look out for to know whether the student is fit or not for training and even if fit when should he/she rest?

I have a lot of elderly students that have either bad backs or bad knees any tips on how to make training more comfortable for them? Should they have their own classes? Should they mix with the others? Because I don't want them to feel over whelmed by others that are fast or going in a much faster pace.

Yes I know Aikido should be for everyone and I agree but there should be a line to everything and where is the line here?

I am sorry if I am being offensive. I know that there are great success stories out there about students or Senseis who have had a lot of damage to their bodies or had injuries and still are able to train like anyone else and even better.

If I do not understand what Aikido is or means it is not because of my instructors but it is because of my poor understanding of Aikido.

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