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Wink Re: Kokikai v. Aikikai

Wow. Threads do have long lives on Aikiweb!

I finally attend this new kokikai dojo, and truly enjoy it. The differences I experience include the different elements named by Mary (narrower distance, softer style in general, ki tests, etc) and also a different way to position the arm (with the wrist turned in the inside). I must say I miss the flying feeling I had from my other dojo as i truly enjoy being thrown hard into breakfalls, and I also wish the rhythm would be more intense. But Kokikai aikidoka have an interesting way to minimalize their effort and they also have techniques slightly different that are interesting to learn.

To go back to the last posts, I agree with Kevin that it is not worthwhile to stick to a dojo where you find the instructor unappropriate with the students. The instructor I talked about in my post was a bad one, not because he meant any harm, but only (I think) because he was a very awkward person not aware that he should have taken into account the fact that I was unexperienced (and also a foreigner, and the only woman in the class) before accusing me of having a bad will. But this is the only experience of that sort I ever had with aikido instructors, and I found overall the different senseis incredibly patient with somebody as stubbornly French as me.
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