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Anne Fournier
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Re: Kokikai v. Aikikai

Justin Couch wrote:
I have a friend here in Seattle that trains with Kokikai under Bannerman Sensei. When first looking around for schools I visited her school. I also attended a couple of classes when visiting Dad in Lismore, Australia. The two couldn't be further apart. The former is very much talk of mystical ki stuff, and the later didn't even mention it once. That could be the difference between city and country town culture, but like Dave mentions above, this just illustrates that the biggest differences are in the teacher/dojo, rather than the organisation.
Yes, I become increasingly aware of that too. I visited a different dojo affiliated to aikikai while abroad, and the difference with my home dojo was also quite important although they share the affiliation. Well, I must say that it wasn't a very nice experience overall (which is probably why I am now a bit scared of changing dojo AND style). My bad experience wasn't because of the difference per se (from which I learnt a lot), but rather because the instructor kept accusing me of not doing the proper motion 'on purpose'. His tone wasn't friendly and I felt I was unfairly accused (I am a beginner, so whatever I do is definitely not on purpose ).
Anyway, you guys give me a nice overview of kokikai, and I feel like trying it for sure
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