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Eddie deGuzman
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Re: Baseline skillset

Raul Rodrigo wrote:
So let me get this straight: the kokyu ho you do in every class runs like this--tori's hands are outstretched at chest height, palm down, fingers open. Back is straight, coccyx is tucked in. Tori will not rotate his forearms. Uke comes in with his hands grasping the sides of tori's wrists, trying to keep his own elbows close to his body so that he is harder to move. Nonetheless, tori can use the expansion of his hara to create the power (transmitted through his arms) to pop uke up, break his connection to the ground and make him easy to move. How does your sensei teach this? Sounds like an advanced dojo you've got there.

Hi Raul,

Sounds fairly right the way you describe it. "pop uke up" is a bit vague, but if you mean bring off balance and throw down usually to left or right and pin, then yes. We usually hold our hands vertically though.

I'm not really familiar with other dojo. I've only trained in two. My teacher supervises mostly these days and said he turns 79 this month.(I was wrong when I posted his age sometime back.) There are 5 7th dan and 5 6th dan who train regularly(Had to look that up.) Learning is sempai-kohai hands on and all in Japanese. So when I say I don't have the English words to impart "how" some things are done, it's true. I like it here at this dojo. It feels right and I consider myself lucky. I also CAN'T do everything my sempai do. But they try to teach me and I try to learn.

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