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Origional Aikido techniques come from waterfalls and rock gardens. No combat or testing and evaluation was ever involved because that would have been conflict.
i'm not sure whether i'm correct or not but wasn't aikido techniques comes from daito-ryu, in which testing and evaluation from (sokaku takeda's)combat makes a great deal in its development, and further to aikido?. oh, and wasn't O-sensei that says 'harmony comes from disharmony'?

i'm not against cross training at all, as in my opinion cross training giving you the so-called 'aikido training from different point of view', but as Riggs sensei said:

Mixing arts can enhance one's aikido or it can destract from it-depends on the person
so, in my opinion whatever you cross-train with please do so. Just ignore those negative opinions about you're not training 'pure aikido' or so because you're the one who harvest the benefit from your training. But please bear in mind that you should have one 'core' art that you wish to improve by cross-training, be it aikido or others so that you won't be confused or distracted.
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