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Re: Tozando Hakama?

For summer training I bought one of those Seido (Tozando) part-hemp hakamas which are very thin, to the point that you can see through the material if light is behind it. The disadvantage to them is that they are the most incredible sweat sponge and have to be washed after every other training. However I found it was easy just to do this in a basin full of water by leaving it folded during washing, then hang it up overnight to dry, pleats still in place.

One of the very senior students here just bought a Tozando cotton hakama, her second, as the old one was falling apart. Since her hands are blue after every class, we joke that she looks like she has just been to the police station.

My old Iwama cotton hakama has stretched in various directions so that getting the pleats straight is impossible. I sent it back recently to have the koshiita repaired, as the rubber inside had fallen apart. I tried the vinegar-in-the-iron trick to see if I could get the pleats to set, but it was hopeless, so I only use it when I know I wont have to rush to fold it.

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