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Tozando Hakama?

So I was recently browsing suppliers of hakama and read great things about Tozando, while I was browsing I noticed they have a sale on at the moment so now might be as good a time as any to go ahead and buy two for the future. I am curious if anyone has bought this specific hakama before and what their thoughts were, as while yes the site does have reviews I tend not to trust reviews that are published on the sites themselves. I'm looking at the Memory Pleats Deluxe hakama so that I won't need to worry about ironing it ever. This one[xxx].htm

And I have some questions. One, can these be tumbled as well or does the koshiita make that impossible for all hakama? My other questions are mostly about the sizing. I am 172cm tall of pretty average-athletic physique, from what I've seen on the tatami just about all women wear the hakama at the waist which is my intention as well. From the guide it suggests the size 26 for my height and when I measure that against my side it seems more or less right, but I am worried about it being undersized. Do all sizing charts that make these suggestions take into account the positioning of womens hakamas? There is a difference of 5cm to each size between men and women but I feel like 5cm difference from a man's hips to a woman's waist is underestimating. Would it be safer to go for the longer hakama and then hem it in the future? Do the hakamas shrink at all? Regarding the white "stitching" visible in some of the images, is that just to keep it in shape during transport? Do I cut that out when they arrive?


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