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Re: Workshop with Mike Sigman on Ki in Aikido

Hi guys, Sorry for the delay!

I'm going to be typing up some thoughts on this whole deal, but I have to thank a lot of people first...

Bob Wolff and the Itten dojo
Budd and Co.
Everyone who was patient enough to work out with me

And foremost Mike Sigman, for one of the best seminar experiences I've ever had, in terms of content and opening my eyes.

Just for kicks and giggles, a quote from the past (Mike in bold, otherwise me, from Oct. 2002):

About grabbing...sniff. In real time, you already know most of the top tier don't grab anyway...they enter and *cut*. Its that whole sword thing.

Remind me to show you sometime what I did to someone who entered on me recently and wasn't aware of some ancient Chinese body technology. :^)
Good thing neither one of us was serious... it might or might not have worked (either side) in a real fight.
I believe what Mike is referring to is that shoulder strike he does...I can now say that there is no way in H_e_double_hockey_sticks I want to EVER get hit with that. And I do believe it would work in a fight. Very well.


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