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Re: Three Levels of Aikido

Lee Crockett wrote: View Post
So where have i given evidence i dont know what i am talking about? In fact, people have agreed with what i said by saying "deal with it"

My source, a book by Pierre Chassang who was a student of Abe, Nakazono, Noro and Tamura. Though i have also read and heard it elsewhere.

If people believe they know more than me, then where are people offering alternatives? They arent, its people just DISMISSING what i say without a valid argument to support their position.

I am happy to DISCUSS, but when what i believe challenges peoples beliefs they have held for 20 or 30 years, they get dismissive and defensive.
Look, believe what you want to believe, I am sorry for having made it personal and I apologize. Sincerely.

Still, people may be 'dismissing' your theories because they (the theories) are narrow-minded and dated and there is so much more out there that it is difficult to even start correcting.

And because you ignore it when they do give alternatives. Many have.

Here are my "alternatives": you asked for, just to make up for it, off the top of my head:
(1) Read the stuff I suggested to you before - I think I did? Ellis Amdur, Peter Goldsbury? It's sort of commonplace for many people here. Plus some on the religious systems O'Sensei practised. There is a fun chapter or two in Carmen Blacker's "Catalpa Bow" as well.
(2) Go and practise with lot's of people outside of your own lineage and listen carefully to what they have to say.
(3) Stop thinking one book by whoever plus hearsay will give you all the answers. Look for outside confirmation or dismissal of what your teachers say. Consider it.
(4) Find out who Arikawa Sensei's most senior Western student is.
(5) Consider the Saito Sensei quotes Chris Lee offered in another thread you participated in.
(6) Read some of the thousands of posts about the "real" body skills (aiki, IP/IS, whatever) of Ueshiba Morihei here. Pay attention to the ones by Dan Harden and Mike Sigman. Ignore the fighting. If you dont buy it, at least it will give you a much bigger picture.
(7) Stop thinking anybody can get O'Sensei's enlightenment. It cannot be done.

There are more.

BTW, that way you may just start to appreciate the contexts and questions you are dealing with - I am not telling you I have answers.
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