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Re: Three Levels of Aikido

Diana Frese wrote: View Post
Tony, you're going on vacation? Henry's (please excuse the informality) request doesn't seem a clear clue as to where?
(a stick of rock?)
Chuck has just agreed we should practice every day, so thanks for keeping track of us until we got to this point. We'll do our best while you're away, and hope you approve of our training ....

Tony did say earlier ( somewhere ) that he was going to Japan for one month.

During the wartime 40s / 50s when a child went to the coast, which was not often - It was always called the ``seaside `` that child would bring a stick of rock back for his friends - a stick of rock is a baton of candy with the name of the resort running all the way through - all colours and flavours - hard and sweet .So, some of us olduns will still say to someone going to wonderful places around the world, places which were impossible to us as kids " Don't forget my stick of rock " .. a bit of social history
They still make rock at all our seaside resorts to this day.
Henry Ellis
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