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Re: Three Levels of Aikido

Attilio Anthony John Wagstaffe wrote: View Post
I'm the only one allowed to lecture here, so lets get that clear right now!!
Me thinks as I've always done since starting martial arts back in 1967 with judo bla bla bla etc etc, that there seems to be a lot of writing, pontificating and whining with very little doing where actual practice is concerned, its where its really at..... repetition till exhaustion, rest and then do a lot more, hundred if not thousands of times till it becomes almost instinctive, That is the real practice, sweat, pain, a little blood now and again, it is expected if you really want to be "earth shakers" especially the youngsters meaning anyone who doesn't have excuses....

People ask me if there is strength in aikido, I say yes there is, enough to lift 25lbs, and the ability to use it with subtlety, that is where the training comes in. Lee I haven't got a clue what you are on about so excuse my igorance....
All I know is practice, practice, practice that gets you there, it's the only way. I get the impression you read too many books instead of worrying about what it is you actually do.... What are you trying to do? Become an 'O' Sensei clone?
I know I don't, even though I greatly admire what he did and passed onto us via his deshi and so forth. I personally believe it was the prewar deshi that really got the goods, Tohei just cottoned on and made use of it, maybe he was just a bit more clever than the rest... Happy days!!

Anyways guys I'm off for a month..... happy arguing.....

Ceeeeeriste!! I thought I was opinionated, Lee.... you have outdone me ......good luck!!

Thanks for those words of wisdom.
Bring me back a stick of rock.

Henry Ellis
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