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Re: Three Levels of Aikido

Lee Crockett wrote: View Post
Mark, Graham and other users,

It has not been my intent to cause offence with my posts.

I want to follow the way of the founder and find Aikido, and this is what i have been discussing.

What is generally being practiced today are the teachings of the first Doshu. It is well documented that he stated he changed the teachings of his father.

If this is the case, how can we call what we do Aikido if what O'Sensei taught has changed?

To me this is the biggest issue in the Aikido World today.
I doubt you have offended anyone here except in your own mind. I personally am not offended only amused.

I don't see you as someone to sit down and discuss things with unfortunately but rather see you as someone on a podium lecturing.

When it comes to lecturing or speaking about the Aikido of the founder I prefer someone like Stanley Pranin who presents in a more interesting balanced manner.

So forgive me if I choose to be part of your Audience and sit in silence watching your performance.

Good luck.G.
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