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graham christian
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Re: The home of spirit

Ewen Ebsworth wrote: View Post
Hi Graham, a couple of questions: what do you mean by "mind intereference"? and regarding your language of "acceptance" are you suggesting that moral judgements of situations i.e. abusive language directed against your wife is wrong?
Hi Ewen. Judgement yes. You may call it 'moral' if you like but it's not based on right or wrong. Thus no mind interference means no negative, no against. Neutral.

In the scene you described I would thus see a negative influence entered, the effect of such, where that's led to and where it is leading to. Nothing to do with right or wrong but a lot to do with good. Not good.

Good brings about harmony. So the disharmony requires action.

I accept there are stupid people, I accept there are many things. The more I accept the more I am not surprised or shocked or even disturbed. The more I am also clear in thought and thus clear in action and even choice of actions.

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