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graham christian
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The home of spirit

In my Aikido and it's structure and philosophy there five homes to be addressed and this small post is to do with one of them, the home of the spirit.

Dressed up in many various sayings from many martial Masters spirit is referred to with various analogies. O'Sensei referred to daily polishing the spirit as part of training, as part of progress, as part of the path.

Mind is not spirit so it's not polishing the mind. Heart is not spirit so it's not polishing the heart. Two examples right there of two other factors with different homes.

So to understand true spirit for in our 'unaware' and 'egotistical' human conditions we are in it is first necessary to recognize the home of spirit for without doing so we will find we have so many different and indeed crazy views on the subject.

The home of spirit is non-resistance. When spirit is well polished that is it's natural home.

Therefor it's natural location is centre.

Two simplicities, two markers to help keep you on the Aikido path.

So when you find yourself resisting things or thoughts or situations or communications then one thing is for sure......part of the problem is your own as yet unpolished spirit. Small steps....long journey. A journey home.

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