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Re: Principles of pinning

Michael Hackett, Police brutality and excessive force is just a matter of semantics. One thing I've noticed from watching the show Cops is that LEOs love telling the suspect that they are resisting, even when the suspect is not. That way they can induce pain and slam the person's face into the dirtiest oil stain in the parking lot. Obviously, the LEOs are not happy that they had to forcefully restrain the suspect to begin with, so they "rough them up" a little more than required in order to let the suspect know "I don't appreciate you making me have to do this."

If you think about it, a simple clean pin is smooth, painless, and incredibly efficient. But five LEO's jumping on some guy and slamming him down and wrestling and prying back his arms with brute force is probably the least effective way to acheive that result, unless of course you were just trying to make it a rough and violent event in order to teach the suspect a lesson. I suppose it's neither here nor there whether or not this is a widespread practice, however, it does explain why we see this as much as we do.
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