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Matt Banks wrote:
You will find many differences in styles of Aikido. One piece of Advice I would give is try to stick to a school of Aikido which has as close a lineage to the main schoold of aikido as possible. Im not saying your style isnt any good I dont know the style you practice but try to stick to schools like Yoshinkan, Aikikai, Ki etc etc
I don't see any reason for this admonition. There are folks out there who are independent of the main branches who do a damn good job and there are folks who are a part of these schools that don't. Just because you practice Yoshinkan doesn't mean you have good Aikido or that you are a better person and it almost never says anything really meaningful about what goes on in an individual dojo beyond technical differences and where some money goes.

It's the teacher that makes the difference.

My comments are not specifically directed towards Yoshinkan. Feel free to apply them to any branded Aikido.
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